Boiler & Heating cover

All of our boiler cover plans offer rapid response repairs and an annual boiler service to keep your boiler and heating system in tip top condition​​

Our boiler cover plans

Boiler only

£ 7.99 a month + £60 repair fee
  • Annual boiler service
  • Gas boiler and controls
  • Central heating system
  • No repair fee

Boiler & Heating

£ 15.50 a month
  • Annual boiler service
  • Gas boiler and controls
  • Central heating system
  • No repair fee
Best value

Boiler cover with a difference

We know that you don’t want to think about your boiler and and central heating. It’s really not that exciting. You just want it to work. And if your boiler or central heating does break down, you want to be able to make one short phone call and have everything dealt with. Good news, that’s exactly what our boiler cover offers. 

You simply call us, tell us what’s wrong, and we fix it, fast.

Pro-active boiler maintenance

Fixing your boiler or central heating system when it breaks down is all fine and well. But what about preventing it from breaking down in the first place?

Lots of companies offer annual boiler servicing, but we’re different. You see, when one our engineers carries out an annual service on your boiler, they do so much more.

Yes, we service your boiler, but what sets our boiler cover apart is the pro-active approach we take to your whole heating system. We check your radiators, valves, pipework and controls. We spot problems early and take action.

This makes life a whole lot more convenient for you, and often saves us a trip too.

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Frequently asked questions

No, there’s no call out or excess charge.

The boiler cover plan will last for 12 months and renew annually.

No, we will take on boilers of any age that are operational and we’ll carry out repairs on any age of boiler provided we can still obtain spare parts.

We repair all domestic mains gas boilers. Call us on 0141 343 8389 if you’re unsure what type of boiler you have.